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-Atharva Vedic SamratParamPujya ‘Swamiji Sri SelvamSiddhar”


Nails are the mirror of our personality, Looking into which the expert reader can unnoticeably observe all haracteristics of a person through one's nails. In this article, a systematic method has been projected to peep through the nails of a person and read about him with veracity.


Indian palmists and chiromancers, after through study of nails have described that by studying through the nails of a person, a lot much could be predicted about one's health, nature and character and about the coming events in the person's life.

It is mentioned in GarunPuran that a person whose nails are like frost, is a born impotent. Person with zig-zag nails is a pauper.

GarbhSamhita reveals that a newly born child if without nails for a year, or shell shaped, small, worn out nails are indicative of extreme poverty. On the contrary, subjects with clear, smooth, pinkish nails are fortunate. Many such descriptions are found in Shastras. The nails in the hand of a person reflect his fate or in other words, the nails are the windows to peep into a person's life and through these windows is perceived about the culture, thoughts and work style of the subject.

Also scientifically, nails are very important in the life of a human being, because at the top ends of fingers are provided plenty of nerves which are very sensitive. Nails are of the following types :-

1. Short Nail.

2. Extremely Short Nail.

3. Large Nail.

4. Short and Flat Nails.

5. Short and Thick Nail.

6. Broad and Square Nail.

7. More in Width and Short in Length Nail.

8. Long and Thin Nail.

9. Long and Slightly Bent Nail.

10. Narrow Nail.

11. Swollen and Projected Nail.

12. Round Nail

13. Small and Triangular Nail.

14. Yellow Nail.

15. Blue Nail.

The types of nails described above have the following effects:?

1. Short Nail :- The subjects with short nails whether square or small lack patience. They are exciting, obstinate and narrow minded. They are weak structured, having mean characteristics, etc.Such subjects suffer largely from nerve diseases and heart disorders.

2. Extremely Short Nails :- This type of nail is short both in length and width. Such nails often are visible with knotty fingers and look like a dot at fingers end. Such subjects are mostly stupid and easily excited, but if this type of nail appear in female's hand, she would be a disciplined, strict and with masculine characteristics and likes to rule over her spouse.

3. Large Nail :- These nails are equal in length and width. Subjects having such nails are serious by nature and perfectly plan their work and thus achieve success in any field.

4. Short and Flat Nail :- Persons having such nails are scary by nature. Usually they suffer from heart ailments and usually their death are also caused by heart ailments.

5. Short and Heavy Nail :- These subjects always hide their mistakes and throw blames on others. They are critic by nature.

6. Broad and Square Nail :- Subjects with this type having pink color and round shape at the side are pure hearted and guileless. They speak what they have in heart. If They miss pinkish color of the nails, they are not completely guileless.

7. More in Width and Short in Length Nail :- These are analytical persons. They are highly successful in literature, music and lectures. They enjoy arguing with others. These subjects with less length and more wide nails thin skin, though maintain good health, are under excessive mental tension due to their habit of arguing with others.

8. Long and Thin Nail :- Such subjects are of insatiable mind and weak in physical strength. They even doubt upon themselves.

9. Long and Slightly Bent Nail :- The married life of such persons is not happy and smooth. They are extremely concupiscent and unstable in their thinking. They are excessively interested in opposite sex.

10. Narrow Nail :- They are weak and suffer from poor digestive system. If this type has brittle nails, they suffer from nervous and liver disorders. Narrow nail's subjects are parasitical by nature.

11. Swollen and Projected Nail :- The fingers covered under this type become thick and hard under the nails and can turn easily. They are drug addicts and have suicidal tendency. They mostly suffer from tuberculosis or other lungs related diseases.

12. Round Nail :- This is a good type. These subjects are kind, frank, well mannered, diligent and prudent people with enough self-reliance.

13. Small Triangular Nail :- These are subjects who love seclusion and are scholarly and academic. But few besides these qualities are lazy and careless also. If apprised of their potential, they can prove to be very useful persons.

14. Pale/Yellow Nail :- This type are cheats to the core, liars, and even gamblers. They are always dogged by poverty.

15. Blue Nail :- If the nails are blue at the root, the subject is weak hearted and suffer from bronchial diseases.